This page contains information and reviews of technology tools that support the literacy needs of students.


The Crick company have recently release an innovative new word processor called WriteOnLine. It is unlike any other word processor currently available and is suitable for writers aged 9 to adult. The program is a Java based application and connects to the Crick servers to access the Online Folders and the streaming text to speech engine. The development team are working on making the tool switch accessible for users with a physical impairment. The Flash presentation below outlines the features of WriteOnLine.
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The presentation can also be downloaded for offline viewing.
WriteOnLine.swf (a Flash Player required)
WriteOnLine.exe (Self executing version with builtin Flash Player)

Note: The PowerPoint above was converted in to a Flash presentation using ISpring Pro. A freeware version is also available.
A Flash conversion created using both the free and professional versions can be viewed on the Sandpit page.

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