The Sandpit

This page will contain newly discovered Web2.0 applications to explore and evaluate.

AudioPal Widget

A free online service which allows you to utilize voice recordings, text to speech or uploaded audio files on the web.

PowerPoint to Flash Conversion with iSpring.

Both versions retained the slide timings, transitions,animations and sound files.

The Flash file above was created with iSpring Pro.
The Flash file below was created with iSpring (free version).

(added 2/11/07)

(added 30/10/07)

Flash version

(added 22/10/07)
Mr Potatohead from

Get Your Own Flash Toys

All Kinds Of Myspace stuff

(added 22/10/07)

(added 30th Sept 2007)
skrbl:easy to share online whiteboard
Widget version also available
skrbl now

skrbl now

Camtasia movie test

pronounciation editing.swf

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