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This space has been created to allow K-12 educators the opportunity to explore information and resources on emerging technologies that can support students with disabilities and learning difficulties with their learning.
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Every July, the Special Education Expo is held in South Australia. This year, some of the presentations will be broadcast live on the web (July 7-9). The Centra page of the Special Education web site contains the details and software requirements.
Attendance is free. To attend a session go to www.centra.sa.edu.au/main/seru. The recordings of the sessions can be downloaded from the Public Recordings section.
The Centra software is required to attend live events or view recorded sessions.
Download Centra here.
Download the instructions here.

Inclusive Technologies

This section contains information and reviews of software programs which can support students who require additional support to meet their needs. The growing number of online tools are also featured in the appropriate category.

There is an increasingly growing array of technology tools available. How do you match the tools to a student's needs? What are the considerations in all aspects of the planning, implementation and evaluation of how students use these tools?
The Matrices page lists various frameworks and planning tools to assist educators, parents and students in the sourcing and selection of technology tools.

Literacy Tools
  • Word processors
  • Digital Storytelling
Numeracy Tools
Web Accessibility Tools
Converting print media to alternative formats
Planning and Organization Tools
Hardware considerations (including mobile devices)


This section contains links to free resources, help tutorials and tips.
This page contains links to books in Alternative Formats.
Clicker 5 Resources
Note: This page has now been re-directed to Clickerpedia.
Media Creation
Text to Speech
Microsoft Word Tips and AddIns
Switch Activities

The Sandpit
This page is used to embed tools and resources awaiting review.


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